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Scheduled to get first shipment of Lancer Evolutions in on the 14th of Feb.
$200 off any new Mitsu with membership
Cleveland Auto Show 2.23.8 - 3.2.8 Check the forums for more info on this event
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Mitsubishi has strengthened the Evo's slick-shifting five-speed manual for the tuner crowd. Shifter is nearly perfect.
Edmunds, 1/8/2008

Whether manual tabbed or left in auto, S-Sport gear changes are brutally quick with the kind of shift violence seen only in Italian exotics.
Motor Trend, November 2007

The various clutch packs, differentials, and hydraulic pumps work seamlessly to make you look heroic, pulling off feats of power management that make most other all-wheel-drive cars look like stumbly boobs
Automobile Magazine, November 2007

Welcome to the Mentor Mitsubishi Evo Club

Welcome to the Mentor Mitsubishi Evo Club

The Club! This club is dedicated the the all new Evolution X and the Lancer.

The main focus of this website will be to provide information on pre-order, Launch Dates, Specs, Shows and much more.

Interested in getting all the lastest specs on S-AWD, YAW, ACD, ACS and more that comes with the new LANCER Evolution. Visit the specs page to get all the details on the technology put in this car. Once you see this you will understand why Motor Trend ranks this car #1 and takes the title of all-wheel-drive, turbo four-cylinder champion.

We provide many benefits to our members. Below is a list of the great benefits we offer.

Free to join
Discounts at Mentor Mitsubishi
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Friendly Community
Updated list of shows and events
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